Content Marketing

How Customers Try Before They Buy

You probably own some pretty valuable digital property: an email list, a blog, and at least one social media account.

What you create using those resources is called content, and you read someone’s content just about every time you pick up your smartphone to browse the web.

Did you know that:

  • Half of the folks who buy what you sell will want to read 3-5 pieces of your content before they’ll get in touch?

  • More than 70% of people would rather learn about you through articles than from an advertisement?

  • More than 80% of your customers will feel more positive about you after having read your content? And almost all of those will feel closer to your company after having read that content?


People want to read some of what you have to say before they buy from you. They want a piece of your expertise for free … and that’s a powerful marketing opportunity.

I can help you:

  • Create articles for your blog that your customers and prospects actually want to read.

Lots of sites offer their readers generic or cheaply-produced content. But if your goal is to serve your customer, you need remarkable material that speaks to the people who want to learn from you.

  • Create and manage an e-newsletter that will keep your tribe thinking about you, ready to call when they need you!

    E-newsletters get your content directly to someone’s inbox. That’s something no social media algorithm can take away from you. If it’s well-written and compelling, your email list will love hearing from you.

  • Create a cohesive social media strategy to keep you top-of-mind with the people who follow you.

The right words will set you apart, and an overall strategy will let people know that you’re serious about serving them. Your tribe will share what you’re saying, giving them a chance to help you spread the word about what you do.