SafeKids: This Non-Profit Needed Someone to Tell Their Story

I created general marketing copy to help focus SafeKids of Missouri’s messaging. They chose to use it for a slide show, and I imagine it will show up in other forms as well.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the original text:


There’s a hidden epidemic in Franklin County, Missouri.

Four thousand “unattended youth,” homeless kids ages 12 and up, live among us. Our schools estimate another four hundred will join their ranks in the 2018-2019 academic year.

These are typically teens who are savvy enough to fit in at school. They look like their peers. They’re often good kids who stay out of trouble and who are working hard to keep up at school.

But they’re not like their peers. They’re couch-surfing, running away from dysfunctional homes, often with no support and no one to turn to. Many of them experience:

•    Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

•    Physical or emotional neglect.

•    Parents with mental illnesses.

•    Homes tainted by violence or substance abuse.

Without a safe and stable home, their well-being suffers. They’re at risk for harmful and unhealthy behaviors, putting their future, and our community, on shaky ground.

That’s where SafeKids comes in. We provide housing, nourishing meals, job opportunities, and mentoring for kids here in Franklin County.

Here’s how it works.

SafeSpots: Help Is Never Far Away

Imagine you’re between the ages of 12 and 18, and you’re scared to go home. Maybe no one else in your extended family is trustworthy. Maybe you’re embarrassed to ask your friends’ parents for a place to stay.

Who do you trust? Who will look out for you?

That’s where our SafeSpots come in.

Three hundred (and counting!) youth-friendly organizations display the green and black SafeSpot sign on their property. These local businesses, libraries, fire stations, and churches know what to do if someone comes to them looking for help.

One call from any of our SafeSpots and someone from SafeKids will be on the way to provide help and shelter for a young person in need.

Taylor’s House

Taylor was an unattended youth who found shelter and love from a mom and dad who weren’t her own.

SafeKids created Taylor’s House in her honor so other homeless youth can find a place to stay in an emergency. It’s a refuge for a lot of young people who have sought the kind of stability most of us take for granted.

When a young person is in crisis, educators, police officers, and SafeSpot workers know to call SafeKids. One of our trained staff members will arrive quickly and take the child to Taylor’s House, our 24-7 emergency shelter.

Overseen by a professional counselor, Taylor’s House provides a cheerful and reassuring atmosphere where young people can sleep in a comfortable bed, get their homework done, and have nourishing meals.

But there are strict rules for those who stay in Taylor’s House. They must be drug-free, in school, and on their way to getting a good job. If they abide by these rules, they get an opportunity to move on to one of our most innovative programs: Host Families.

A Real Family Environment

When we can’t reunite kids with their biological families, an inspiring group of men and women have said they’re willing to step up.

Host Families take in good and motivated teens who aren’t safe at home. Our trained counselors match Host Families to unattended youth who will fit well in their family culture.

SafeKids continues to provide:

•    Money for food and clothing.

•    Emergency transportation.

•    Job opportunities.

•    Counseling for everyone involved.

Host Families become mentors and often find themselves transformed by the experience.

You Can Help Franklin County Kids in Crisis

When Franklin County youth have nowhere else to turn, they turn to SafeKids.

But SafeKids needs your help to keep doing this community-shaping work. Are you willing? You can:

•    Donate.

•    Make your business a SafeSpot.

•    Become a host family.

If you want to know more, please give SafeKids a call at (636) 364-8112. Or send an email to with the subject, “Tell me about SafeKids.”

Homelessness in our community is a real problem. SafeKids is a real solution. Call or email us today.

(636) 364-8112

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