Custom Song: Sacred Road

Nick and Alley grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, had a lot of the same friends. Don't know how, but they never met once. But several miles away, in a completely different city, they happened to be taking the same class.

And totally fell in love.

This is the custom song I was hired to write for this young couple's wedding. I collaborated with another songwriter, the amazing Jeremy Rodriguez, on this one.

(Cory Edwards and Jeremy Rodriguez)
For Nick and Allison
I bet I saw you ride your bike
Or watched you walking down my street
We climbed the same old jungle gym
Played on the same swings
So miles away when we finally met
It felt like we were childhood friends (and)

I fell right into you
And it felt like coming home
After all of this time
It feels so good to know
We were walking down the same
Sacred Road
I see how God was making us
Who we are right now
‘Cause there were days I doubted us
Thought we’d never work things out
But as I watched you grow in grace
You melted all my fears away
(Repeat Chorus)
Ooo so much life to live, lessons to learn
So through every twist and every turn
I’ll keep falling into you
‘Cause I’m making you my home
After all of this time
It feels so good to know (How)

(Repeat Chorus)

©2018 Cory Edwards and Tullahoma Detour Publishing

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