Radio Spots:

316Printworks is a Christian custom-printables website that works with modern and high-quality designs and fabrics. These spots ran on CCM and Worship Internet radio. The 60-second concept was adapted for an online video ad.

The challenge the 60-second ad presented was this: describe the entire process of using the site in a simple memorable way. And do it before the clock runs out. So fun.


You have a mission, a vision, a God-shaped calling. You’re serving people and changing the world. Whether you’re a church, a band, a ministry, a school or a business, 316Printworks wants to help you spread the word. is your go-to for fashion-forward clothing and high-quality accessories that feature your unique logo or message.

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And before November 30th, get 25 dollars off your order of 100 dollars or more.!

Modern clothes and accessories that feature your unique logo. Go to now and get $25 off $100 or more.

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