Recording Artist Bio: Hollie Schlueter

I created this bio for worship leader and recording artist Hollie Schlueter. Crafted with an eye toward women's ministry, we worked with the specific language of church and family to connect with her mostly female Christian audience.

Hollie Schlueter is a worship leader with a heart for God’s people. She creates moments of honest expression through her music and ministry. With her latest release, “Midnight Hour (Hallelujah)”, she continues to reflect her heart as a worship leader and songwriter.

“Every time I get the opportunity to lead worship, I think of the needs of His people and what songs can help them. I get excited to dive into what God is telling us in His Word. I feel a great responsibility as well. The process of praying about what God wants His people to say, what He wants to remind them about Himself, and what He wants to hear from us is so important to me. This is the place I write music from too.”

The daughter of a St. Louis area worship leader, Hollie grew up in an atmosphere of worship and ministry. She watched her father comb through hymnals, always looking for the right songs for his congregation. Under his influence, Hollie started singing for her church early in life, even writing her first song in second grade.

Hollie continued using her gift through her youth and early adulthood. She married her high school sweetheart, Brian, in 1997, who encouraged her to keep using her voice for Jesus. Hollie spent more time than ever studying guitar, writing songs, and attending seminars. Her hard work paid off in 2004 when she released her first full-length album, Glow. In 2009, she appeared as a worship leader and songwriter on the album Magnificent Name, a collaboration of the musicians from her home church, St. Louis Family Church. In the following years, her voice and songs have appeared on a wide variety of projects by other artists.

Her latest single, “Midnight Hour (Hallelujah)” is her first solo release in twelve years. It’s a song of worship and hope in life’s hardest moments, inspired by Acts 16:25-34.

“‘Midnight Hour (Hallelujah)’ is a song that God put in my heart to pull me out of a dark time. I was processing everything and writing songs, but they were all really, really sad songs. But then, I decided that I needed to get my gaze up. So in my prayer closet, I started to praise God in the middle of that pain. That’s where the chorus came from. And that’s when God started to show me how Paul and Silas were praising the Lord in the midnight hour, and God broke things off of them. That’s why I’m so beyond excited about this song. I pray it lifts people’s heads and gives them hope as they praise Him.”

Brian and Hollie still live in the St. Louis area with their three children: Noah, Parker, and Brighton. She continues to serve at St. Louis Family Church by leading worship and writing songs for her congregation. She hopes to share more songs with the wider world in the coming years, continuing to pull from God’s Word and listening for what He wants to say to His church.

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