About Page: 316Printworks.com

316Printworks is a Christian custom-printables website that works with modern and high-quality designs and fabrics. I wrote this About page for their site. They asked I include the tagline, "Brand His Kingdom", and a list of words they had chosen to reinforce their brand. They also provided a word-rich rough draft to work from.


You have a mission, a vision, a God-shaped calling. You’re serving people and changing the world. 316Printworks is passionate about helping people just like you.

316Printworks is your go-to for creating fashion-forward clothing and high-quality accessories that feature your unique logo or message.

Who We Are

At 316Printworks, we get you. We’re real people living out the John 3:16 revolution in our everyday lives. We’re fun, artistic, and a little quirky. Most importantly, we’re committed to using our businesses, our ministries, and our lives for Jesus Christ. We want to give you everything you need to brand His Kingdom.

Like you, we believe excellence should go hand-in-hand with good stewardship. We’ve curated modern designs of lasting quality at reasonable prices. And our easy-to-use Design Studio will allow you to be totally hands-on as you create.

Make a Statement

At 316Printworks.com, you’re not alone. Collaborate with our expert Design Services team. Draw inspiration from the rest of the 316 Community. Share your ideas, and spark other creators all over the globe.

You’ve been set on a path with a purpose. Whether God’s called you to lead a church, a band, a ministry, a school, or a business, 316 Printworks wants to help you engage and inspire this world. Brand His Kingdom. Broadcast His message.

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