Executive Producer Bio

I re-crafted this bio to highlight the personal story, accomplishments, and competence of a television show's Executive Producer. I worked to heighten her story's drama and streamline her biography, re-directing the focus back to the show itself.

Kelly Mittleman-Hager, Producer

Kelly Mittelman-Hager was raised in the Business District of St. Louis. There, her parents co-owned and later sold a well-known family business.

After graduating with a degree in political science and pre-law from Maryville University, she lived in both Los Angeles and Australia. By 2000, Hager moved back to St. Louis. She started a family while establishing herself as one of St. Louis’s premier real estate experts.

An unexpected near-death experience almost took it all away.

In 2010, a mysterious illness suddenly caused her to go into a coma. When she awoke, she was unable to see and walk. Upon being released from the ICU, her husband said he wanted a divorce, and left Kelly to care for their 3-year-old son on her own.

Despite the dire circumstance, Kelly battled through extensive physical and occupational therapy. Once recovered, she determined to see past her experience. She focused on what she could make of the future: taking care of her son and creating a thriving and unique real estate company.

Building on her previous successes, Kelly launched her second corporation, LiveTeamLife. Her company encompasses international keynote speaking, business consulting, personal development, and media production. A regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Fox Business News, she’s also extensively involved in her community and local charities.

Kelly credits her near-death experience with giving her the clarity to enjoy life, family, her profession, and giving back. All of her experiences and passions have coalesced in the production of Arras , her new TV docuseries celebrating the lives of women who have gone from ordinary to extraordinary.

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