Social Media Posts for Non-Profit

I created these social media posts for a Christian non-profit, whose name I've redacted for now, to promote their work in India helping with families affected by leprosy.


Cory Edwards Instagram Non-Profit Social Media Post

You can’t unsee the devastation of leprosy. You have to act. #helpushelpthem #leprosy

[CHARITY NAME] feeds and cares for those affected by leprosy half a world away, but we cannot do this alone. Will you pray for us today?

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100% of your donation to [CHARITY NAME] goes to feed, bind, house, and share the gospel with people suffering from leprosy. Come to their rescue. [LINK]

Currently, [CHARITY NAME] serves 35 villages, nearly 3500 people affected by leprosy in India, every day. Here’s what that looks like. [LINK]

What can God do through people who seek to align themselves with His purpose? #helpushelpthem #eradicateleprosy

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[CHARITY NAME] has been constantly present in the lives of the people we serve since 2003. We are committed to their well-being. #corevalues #faithfulness

At [CHARITY NAME], we develop lasting partnerships with those we serve. We hold ourselves accountable to them. #corevalues #accountability

We’re so proud of our team! Every day, they treat those affected by leprosy with the care and consideration they deserve. #corevalues #compassion

[CHARITY NAME] uses 100% of financial gifts toward programs that serve people in India. Every dollar goes to relieve suffering. #corevalues #ethics #stewardship

Join [CHARITY NAME] as we advocate for people who have been shunned and ignored by society. #helpushelpthem

Cory Edwards non-profit social media post

[CHARITY NAME] shares Jesus’ message of hope and healing with those affected by leprosy. Every day.

Since 2003, [CHARITY NAME] has provided medical care to those who have contracted leprosy, a disease that still affects millions. #helpushelpthem

Through weekly Bible studies, coupled with praise and worship, we share the message of Christ’s unfailing love with those stigmatized by leprosy. We can keep doing that with your help. [LINK]

[CHARITY NAME]’s after-school program provides tutoring for children affected by leprosy. And feeds them the best, and possibly only, meal they’ll have all day. [LINK]

Your donation to [CHARITY NAME] helps us supply two weeks of rice to a family in India affected by leprosy.. And that’s not all. [LINK]

We make custom shoes for those who have been disfigured by leprosy. #helpushelpthem [LINK]

When older people contract leprosy, they may be shunned by family because of their disease. Our Hospice Center provides peace and fulfillment for leprosy patients in the last years of their lives. It’s the right thing to do. #helpushelpthem [LINK]

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