Social Media Posts for Religious Organization

These posts are for a group, headed by a theologian and speaker, who support their denomination's representatives in government. I worked to make some of his theologically-rich teaching easy to digest for social media.

(Many of these posts are political in nature and were my attempt at representing the views of the client.)


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Living life in Christ, partaking of His love—THAT’S what we need for a fulfilling life. Accept no substitutes! #godisgreat

A life lived in God’s love for others strives for moral virtue, honor, and respect. Who in your life showed you the love of Christ when you needed it the most? #inspiration #thankgod

#LCRL is committed to encouraging government leaders to honor the sanctity of life. Help us continue that work. #donate #life #love

He is the vine. We are the branches. Let’s abide in His words today. Leave a comment below and tell us what scripture has been on your heart today! #scriptures #bible

Science demonstrates that from the womb human beings are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” All lives matter to the God who created and redeemed us! #life #love #support

EVERY LIFE is a life worth living. Join #LCRL as we fight for the rights of all human beings! #life #love #support

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Repentance and faith, being right with God on God’s terms, that’s the beginning of abundant life, now and forever. Here’s to LIFE in HIS WONDERFUL NAME! #Jesus #faith #forgiven #abundantlife

Each one of us is called to defend religious liberty in this culture for the sake of us all. Keep exercising your liberty. We need you! #freedom #liberty #religiousliberty

Never forget: The center of our faith is Jesus Christ!

This is our hope, that God is saving the world through the work and person of Jesus.

Let’s keep working together to keep this world sane, humane, just, and safe—all for the sake of the gospel.

Tell us your stories! How have you seen the gospel getting out in your world, where you live right now?

Separation of Church and State does not mean Christians should be silent. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

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America’s Founding Fathers were not afraid of too much church in society. They were afraid of too much power being amassed by an overreaching government.

#[NAME] supports those who want to speak Truth to powerful people in powerful places. Help us keep doing that. [Link to donation page.]

As believers, keep striving for excellence in all you do. Give God glory and serve others in His Name. That’s how we’ll make a difference!

We’re curious: how have you seen God glorified in your family or your work recently?

Remember, people in power need what all of us need: a changed heart. The Bible says that only the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can do that. Let’s keep getting the Word out!

We honor those in authority (Romans 13:7), realizing their leadership can’t solve the big issues in life. Only Jesus can do that.

As Americans, we need to submit to the laws of the land, but we get to participate in creating those laws for the good of all. What an amazing country we live in!

Today, say a prayer for your community’s leaders, that God keeps using them to create peace and justice where you live. Who are you praying for today?

When government (God’s Left-Hand Kingdom) oversteps its boundaries, God’s Right-Hand Kingdom must speak up. Every dollar donated to [NAME] keeps us at the forefront of this work. Thank you!

God is at work in the world!

Whatever happens, Jesus Himself tells us “all authority in heaven and on earth” has been given to Him (Mt 28:18). We can rest in Christ and His authority today.

Jesus didn’t come to make an evil place a bit better. He came to bring a brand new, eternal Kingdom. He is at work in this world for us!

A healthy society can be traced back to healthy families. Healthy children. Strong moms and dads in the home. Keep standing up for your family!

No one can create perfect solutions, but let’s keep striving together for better solutions in our communities and neighborhoods.

Want to be part of God’s work in the world? Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. And. . . love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 12:30-31)

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