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The DTI Story

This IT company found a new niche in the agricultural world. This blog post/about page was written to help them rebrand themselves and to open up a new marketing strategy for the future.

Changing the World One Seed at a Time

Small and mid-sized family farms are critical to the American way of life. 

As consumers become disillusioned with food produced by large corporations, more and more people are turning to locally sourced food. They want to know:

    •    Their food has been produced ethically.

    •    They can count on its quality.

    •    They are supporting farmers they can believe in.

However, too many growers feel they are losing out to bigger operations with deeper pockets. Caring for crops, managing a business, and, in many cases, working a second job keeps farmers too busy to add new technology to their list of concerns.

Even if that weren’t an issue, complicated computer-based agricultural systems are often priced too high for the average family farm. Farmers need better tools to compete in a changing world, along with the backing of experts who can install and support them throughout the year.

That’s where Drainer Technologies (DTI) comes in.

DTI has a proven track record of no-hassle computer solutions customized and priced for small to mid-sized farms. They install, train, and support those who do the work, combining up-to-the-minute tech with down-to-earth service.

Michael and Liz Drainer started this family business from a place of both expertise and a desire to serve the farming community. But it all began with one tiny and adorable problem.

Their son, Davey.

Two Years Old and Out of Control

Michael and Liz felt like they were at the end of their ability to cope with Davey. He was wild, challenging, and impossible to manage.

This was a real blow to these two professionals used to making things happen. Michael grew up on a farm, learning how to fix whatever problem he confronted. He brought his farmer’s mindset into his career as an IT professional and hoped it would help in his role as a father.

Liz had spent her early career as Operations Manager for a hundred tradespeople. In the course of her tenure, she was able to raise morale and lead her team to complete a variety of high-dollar renovation projects.

When Liz left her job to take care of her newborn son, she brought all of her focus and energy to her new project—raising Davey to be the kind of young man she and Michael hoped he would be.

However, as they grew desperate to get their two-year-old under control, they took Davey to a counselor. Hoping for practical answers, they were disappointed to hear they would need to subject Davey to intensive therapy and a heavy course of medications. Liz wasn’t satisfied and started to investigate whether changing her family’s diet would help.

After some careful research, the Drainers decided to go totally clean. They began eating food grown by small and mid-sized family farms. They got interested in the story of their food and the people who had raised it.

Liz says she felt healthier instantly, gaining two hours of energy per day. To her total surprise, she was even able to stop using her allergy medication.

Davey transformed as well. Michael and Liz didn’t have to fight with him constantly, and Davey started to love eating the organic fruits and vegetables they were feeding him.

As they learned more about what they were feeding their family, they also discovered a way to serve the growers that were making a difference in their lives.

Every Seed Has a Story

Michael and Liz have taken their years of expertise and newly-found passion for clean food to develop a turn-key computer solution to support the family farm.

This is complete agricultural management software customized for small and mid-sized operations. With it, growers use their smartphone or tablet with their computer:

·       To gain higher crop yields.

·       To manage resources more efficiently.

·       For total traceability, from seed to store.

·       To increase profit.

DTI uses smart agricultural software and hardware so farmers can:

·       Plant and harvest at the perfect moment using sensors to monitor soil conditions.

·       Check on the status of crops and fields using video and drone technology.

·       Get help making smart decisions with geo-mapping software and the power of big data.

·       Stay on top of their business with tailor-made financial software.

DTI puts all these tools, together with easy-to-use processes, in the hands of the grower.

Then, whether the product goes to a distributor, a store, or the local outdoor market, farmers will be able to communicate the story of every seed with confidence.

Now is the time to get started. Learn more about what we can do for you.

Call (618) 208-0544 and ask for Michael, or send him an email at

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