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Drainer Technologies called and asked to write a press release for them about the incredible feat they had pulled off—installing Voice-over IP for a failing phone system at a historic church. They pulled it off at a great price and a protracted timeline, and they wanted to share the story.

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Historic Springfield, MO church chooses DTI for state-of-the-art cloud-based phone system upgrade

Press Release for IT company

SPRINGFIELD, MO, September 28, 2018 / PRNewswire / — Struck by lightning five times, the failing phone system at the historic Second Baptist Church of Springfield, MO needed a replacement. Sam Arthur, the church’s Director of Technology and Operations, spent ten years working on the problem. With sixty phone lines, he needed a solution that was both reliable and cost-effective.

His work finally paid off when he hired Michael Drainer of Drainer Technologies, Inc. (DTI) to install a new cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) system, saving the church thousands in service, equipment, and monthly phone bills.

Though Arthur had hoped to work with someone locally, he said, “Michael knows what he’s talking about. He talked technology but explained it thoroughly, and I understood it. I requested [references] and got rave reviews. Everyone spoke highly of the service, and how [Michael] had done it.”

Drainer proposed an innovative cloud-based VoIP system. This unified communications solution is web-based and mobile-friendly—a massive upgrade to their legacy phone system.

Arthur said, “We were getting super-high quotes,” estimating that DTI provided a savings between 66% and 78%. They were also able to cut their monthly phone service expenses by nearly 60%.

Drainer concurs. “The system pays for itself. People pay way too much for phone systems.”

About creating the system for Second Baptist, Drainer said, “We find that people use 20% or less of their existing complex system. We always want to understand [an organization’s] workflow first. Then we cater all the bells and whistles to the workflow.”

Drainer and Arthur chose a 3CX phone system with Yealink phones. The phones themselves are simple. Programmed with only five functions, the church’s staff members were able to learn how to use the phone quickly. The need for Arthur to provide technical support and follow-up training to employees has been minimal.

Instead of using a paper extension list, all names are listed in a web app. Employees can click the name of the person they want to call, and their phones automatically dial the extension. For voicemail, the system can deliver voicemail as email or just as a notification, depending on the organization’s preference.

With the system’s mobile app, employees’ extensions go where they go. No one ever has to miss a phone call, and no one has to give out his or her personal cell number, which is helpful for church employees who can find it difficult to keep their work/life balance in check.

Because the system is cloud-hosted, DTI completed most of the setup remotely from its headquarters in East Alton, IL. “We had everything up and running in three to four days,” said Arthur. “It’s just been a really good fit. And the price point—you can’t match the price point.”

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