Words Every Site Needs

First, you need a killer website. Maybe you’ve already hired a designer (or built one with a service), but you don’t feel like the words match up with your vision for your business.

Maybe you already have a website, but it doesn’t sound like you yet.

Here’s how I can rewrite your static website so people will get excited about what you do!

  • The Front Page makes potential customers hungry to know more. We say just enough to get them to dive a little bit deeper and get them in your sales funnel.

The About Page isn’t about you or your company. It’s not necessarily a place for your vision statement or your core values, because no one cares about that. (I know, shocker!)


It’s about your ideal customer and how you uniquely solve their problem. It always includes a call to action, because your prospects will want to know what to do next!

  • Your Tag Line isn’t about being clever. It says everything someone would ever need to know about your company—and what your current goals are—in as few words as possible.

But brevity isn’t enough. Your tag line should be like the title of a great song—hooky and unforgettable. (Mine? “Inspire Action!”)

  • It’s so hard for a person to write his or her own Bio! It’s highly personal, and it feels like bragging.

But here’s the thing: it’s not about you. It’s a sales tool for your customer. At some point, that person will need it when he or she goes to a boss, a business partner, or a spouse, and says, “I think we should put our hard-earned money in this person’s hands.”

Does your bio serve your client in that way? It can.

  • Descriptions of Products and Services can be dry and overly informational. But if you put your heart and soul in what you do, these descriptions can be the wow-factor to get people as excited as you are!

  • Every other page is just as important. If you want every word on your website to count, I’d love to help.